Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I wish to convey my warmest congratulation to our own team of Elementary students for their excellent performance in the recent Mother's Day Drawing and Essay Writing Contests sponsored by Ryukyu Shimpo. The following students whose works were exhibited at Pallette Kumoji garnered the following awards:

Second Place Winners -  Yuri Kenjo (G I)
                    Yosuke Otsuka (G I)

Third Place Winners   - Rin Ohira (G I)
                   Kosei Oi (G I)
                   Deah Porterfield (G I)

Fourth Place Winners   -Seiji Akamine (G I)
                                   Rou Ishizaki (G I)
                                   Mio Kuniyoshi (G I)           
                                   Sora Oba (G I)
                                   Asamu Oyama (G 5)
                                   Ryo Takamura (G I)
                                   Anri Tomita (G I)
                                   Rena Tsuboka (G I)
                                   Ria Watanabe (G 5)


  Fourth Place Winners  - Sakurako Hasegawa (G 2)
                                   Sorihye Kim Nate (G 2)
                                   Himiko Yogi (G 2)

Congratulation once again to the entire community of Okinawa International School: management, teachers and staff, parents, participating students and most especially the winners for the achievement of competitiveness in other fields of learning. We are truly proud of you!

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